Better Late Than Never

So, I meant to post about my driving adventures on Sunday. However I was sick Sunday as well as the following days. Those days offered my a lot of time to think and some very good things came out of my sickness.

I tend to have ‘interesting’ luck, some might say I’m jinxed. But I find most of the stuff that happens to me funny. It’s like a slapstick comedy with a live audience.

Previously I mentioned that I would practice driving during a road trip, now that I have my permit. Well I did just that last Saturday. Here’s the story:

The day started off with a hitch. I spilled thick hot soup all over my left arm, burning it badly. My mom instructed me to run said arm under cool water, dry it and apply toothpaste to soothe it. Now I was thinking the toothpaste thing sounded far fetched but I was in so much pain I would have tied scorpions to my arm if she told it might help. I even considered cutting the arm off and being done with it. Compared to those options toothpaste seemed a far more reasonable solution.

To my surprise it worked. Still, the day was very hot and I soon discovered that my fresh burn was sensitive to heat. Yeah, that was all sorts of not fun. But I was endlessly amused by people’s reactions to my blue and white arm. One lady even asked me what happened and advised me to ice it. She was sweet. I took her advice and my discomfort subsided. Thank you random lady I met in the restroom.

I even drove with my rad toothpaste covered arm. The first time was horrible. I was a nervous wreck, making my mom nervous so she started yelling at me (while saying she wasn’t yelling, this too I found funny). It was noisy and there were so many distractions, I’m very global. So I didn’t drive for long before switching back to the passenger seat.

The second time, and yes there was a second time, I put it into my mind not to panic about anything. I adjusted the seat and put on my glasses (though I don’t legally need them for driving) and got comfortable with the idea that I was putting my life, my mom’s life and the lives of others into my hands. I told myself I’d take care of those lives, because I could.

This time I was content, peaceful even. Then the sunny sky turned dark grey and rain came down in buckets on the windshield. It got so bad I couldn’t see the lines on the road. And I actually smiled because, long ago when I had just started driving, me and my mom took a a road trip. When I took my turn behind the wheel the sky turned from sunny to dark grey and rain poured. History was repeating itself. Only back then I was terrified and now I was peaceful. I had decided to be peaceful.

Never before did I think I had that choice. I didn’t know I could chose to be peaceful. I thought peace was just something that’s given to you by who knows what. But now I know it is an act of will and my will is stronger than I thought. I drove through the rain, I drove in the darkness and I never once lost my peace, because it wasn’t something I could lose. No, I would have to kill it to get rid of it, because it is part of me.

Be peaceful and sleep well.


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